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Since its creation in 2020, GIOA, the Guardian Independent Operators Association, has established itself as an incredible opportunity for a network of over 1,300 Operators (and counting!) to receive concierge-level service, exceptional product offerings, and benefits far beyond simply insurance.

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What is the Happiness Score?

The GIOA Happiness Score is by far one of our distinguishing factors. This is our cumulative customer satisfaction score rating displaying the level of service the Concierge Service Center of GIOA provides every Operator and their administrative team. This enables GIOA to continuously improve the way each Operator is taken care of and provides the level of service you want and deserve for your team members and store.

Why is the Happiness Score important?


One Resource for all your needs - our Concierge Service Center

The GIOA Concierge Service Center is a dedicated team for you as an Operator and your administrative support. As the primary point of contact for you throughout the year, this team can assist with life event changes, benefits questions, offer individual claims assistance, and any additional benefits needs you or your Team Members may incur. Our Service Center platform is designed for our team to perform as your client/carrier liaison. The service team can track various trends with requests such as benefits terminology, claim status, life event changes, employee eligibility, status changes, new-hire procedures, and COBRA. The gathering of information can be used to modify mid-year adjustments if needed and/or plan alternatives for future plan years.